Saturday, 5 May 2012

My Birthday

Today is my birthday..
But, i dunno.. Nothing special coming in.. but i must still positive thinking although many problems came from yesterday until now..

Yesterday, i wanna coming to technical meeting for my competition.. But, it's too early to went to that school.. So, i went to gramedia for reading some comics and saw the newest Animonster.. and.. yaa, i went to that school in the end.. but the traffic is jammed because of minister came to my city.. And i was late and my handphone took by thief.. and the technical meeting was over ^^ my handphone was not good but there's so many memorize of my friend that i couldn't find in anyplace.. and in the night, my dad bought me new handphone.. That's good i think but it can't return my memorize again.. But, i like my new handphone X3

Now, my dad is Umroh.. Umroh is went to Mekah for worship.. And.. no one celebrate my birthday

On 2011, my birthday is sooo funny :3 in the morning, Hinode gave me birthday greeting XD and my family calebrated my birthday.. And now, Hinode didn't give me birthday greeting and my dad umroh.. *sigh* But, i wanna make my birthday funny like before.. Ganbatte for myself! :3

Thanks for reading this post minna-san.. Hope you'll get the best birthday on this year :3