Monday, 4 June 2012

Fate/ Stay Night

Hello Minna-san :D

Now, i'm interesting with one Anime, it's Fate/ Stay Night..
I already knew this Anime 2 years ago.. But, i think it's anime Ecchi (like pervert), but it wasn't true.. This anime is so good and its can make me cry :') so i watched this Anime in this year.. Okay~
I fell in love with Saber on the first sight xD -slapped-
I knew Saber from my friend, he really like Saber, so, i searching all about Saber and i love her :3

She's beautiful, strong, loyal, etc.. She will do what her master commands.. She has a Master named Shirou Emiya.. I think, Shirou is a weak person and he's like a person who can do anything without help from others.. I don't like him.. But, in the end, Saber helped him and he accepted her help without any protest and i think Shirou isn't bad with Saber..

Fate/ Stay Night is a Visual Novel developed by Type-Moon.. But type-moon made a comic, anime, game of it.. It storied about a war called "Holy Grail War"..

One day, Shirou Emiya attecked with a servant called Lancer.. Shirou is Saved by a young girl.. The young girl introduce herself as Saber.. Her appearance formally marks Shirō's entry as a Master into the Holy Grail War.. Holy Grail can make the servant and master wish become true.. we must fight with other master and servant.. we must make the servant die.. we must fight 7 servants and masters.. servant is soul of hero in the past.. and the master is a mage.. In the end, Saber and Shirou is the winner..

Yaa~ Fate/ Stay Night finished with Sad Ending.. Saber is the King of Knights, Arturia Pendragon, who became King of Britain upon obtaining the magical Sword in the Stone.. She died before complated her assignment.. So, she became a servant.. But, in the end, Shirou fell in love with Saber and can't let Saber go to her period.. In the end Shirou think that he can't let her to still on his period and let her regretted what was she do.. So, he let Saber go.. Before she go, She say something to Shirou, "I love you" and she go.. Ahh~ So sad T^T

Fate/ Stay Night have a continuation.. That's Fate/ Zero.. It told about Holy Grail War 10 years ago.. I haven't watch this anime because i have final exam, maybe after exam i will watch it..

You must watch Fate/ Stay Night Minna-san, I hope you satisfied after watch this anime, Arigatou Minna-san >,<

Unlimited Blade Works (Movie)


Shirou fell into Saber hug after they fight Gilgamesh

Arturia Pendragon, the King of Britain

"I Love You"

This's the end of Fate / Stay Night


Nabilamour said...

waaaa I wanna watch it too!! >w< rin udah punya dvdnya? kok aku keliling2 bogor kagak nemu2 ya? Dx

Nichibotsu No Himawari said...

Udah punya dong :P ehehe, waktu itu rin liat ada di kampus dalem kok, tapi rin belinya di BTM XD tapi sekarang dah habis, rin yang terakhir XD eh, ini lacus-chan ya? :3

Nabilamour said...

yaaaah, lain kali deh kucari =3=) #belomjodohnamanya
yep, 1000 buat kamu, nak! xD

Nichibotsu No Himawari said...

wkwkwk, eh, lacus-chan ada rencana beli dvd di kampus dalem ga? rin ikut dong ._.
wkwk, emak2 XDD kirain sopo to -plak-

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