Wednesday, 22 August 2012

The Everlasting Guilty Crown

Hi Minna-san~ now, i'm interested with a song, titled "The Everlasting Guilty Crown".. I know this song from anime Guilty Crown of course, i watched this anime about 1 mouth ago.. Actually, i wanna watch this anime long time ago, but i also wanna watch other anime.. But my friend tell me that he watched Guilty Crown last night, so i ask him to bring it.. Yeah, Guilty Crown is a good anime although i'm not really like ecchi in this anime.. Yeah, i know, this's just because the girl named Inori wearing a strange cloth -___- And i also didn't like the protagonist, Ouma Shu, he's very coward.. And when he's became a king, he's very resent.. Oh yeah, this song is told us about the anime i think.. it's similar.. when the world is crushes down because of egoism.. hehe, let's see the lyric.. I take this from Anime Lyrics, hehe :D see ya~

The Everlasting Guilty Crown
Guilty Crown OP 2

Sekai wa owari wo tsugeyou to shiteru
Dare ni mo mou tomerare wa shinai
Houkai no SHINFONII ga narihibiite
Furu ame wa maru de namida no neiro


Shihai shi shihai sare hitotachi wa
Itsuka sono kokoro ni nikushimi wo
Soshite aisuru koto wo omoidasezu
Arasou no?

Kono uta ga kikoeteru
Inochi aru subete no mono yo
Shinjitsu wa anata no mune no naka ni aru
Arashi no umi wo yuku toki mo
Keshite oku suru koto no nai tsuyosa wo
Kureru kara

Keredo mo susumu hodo kaze wa tsuyoku
Kibou no hi wa yagate kiete yuku
"Akari wo yokose" to ubaiai
Hate ni hito wa koroshiau
Namida nado tou ni karete


Sono me wa tagai wo mitomeru tame
Sono koe wa omoi wo tsutaeru tame
Sono te wa daiji na hito to tsunagu tame ni aru

Kono uta ga kikoeteru
Sekaijuu no yorube naki mono yo
Kibou wa anata no mune no naka ni aru
Moesakaru honoo no naka demo
Keshite kizutsuku koto no nai tsuyosa wo
Kureru kara

Sono te de mamorou to shita mono wa
Aisuru mono datta no darou ka
Akaku somatta sono te wo nagamete
Yatto mizukara ga shite kita orokasa wo
Ayamachi to mitomeru sono tsumi wo
Tomedonaku afureru sono namida wo shiru

Kono uta ga kikoeteru
Inochi aru subete no mono yo
Shinjitsu wa anata no mune no naka ni aru
Arashi no umi wa shizumatta
Ushinatta mono wa kazoekirenaku tomo

Kono uta ga kikoeteru
Sekaijuu no yorube naki mono yo
Kibou wa anata no mune no naka ni aru
Kanashimi no yoru wo koeru toki
Kanarazu anata wa ikiteiku tsuyosa wo
Moteru kara


The world is trying to bring about the end
And no one is trying to stop it.
---It's starting.
The symphony of destruction echoes out.
The rain that falls sounds almost like the tone of tears.

Tell me.

Do people who control and are controlled
One day forget what it means to love
Because of the hatred in their hearts,
And attack others?

I can hear this song coming to me.
All you who have life,
The truth is inside your heart
Because even in times in which I must go to the stormy ocean,
It gives you strength
That never hesitates.

However, the further we move ahead, the stronger the wind gets,
And so the flame of hope starts to go out.
"Hand over the light!" The people scramble for it,
And once it comes to this, people kill each other,
Their tears dried.

Notice it.

Your eyes are for acknowledging each other.
Your voice is to convey your feelings.
Your hand is to hold with the one who is precious to you.

I can hear this song coming to me.
All of you who have nowhere to go,
Hope is in your hearts
Because even in blazing flames,
It gives you a strength
That will never be scathed.

Are those things you tried to protect
The things you truly loved?
You gaze at your hand dyed in crimson
And finally realize the foolishness you have committed,
Admit it to be a mistake, and
Cry without an end for your sins.

I can hear this song coming to me.
All you who have life,
The truth is inside your heart
The stormy ocean has quieted,
No matter if the things you have lost are countless.

I can hear this song coming to me.
All of you who have nowhere to go,
Hope is in your hearts
When you overcome the night of sadness,
I am sure you will come out
Holding the strength to live on.

Monday, 13 August 2012

Sword Art Online Trailer

Minna-saan, i like this trailer very much >,< yeah, although i like almost all of the trailer that i watch.. Yeah, i replay this trailer for many times :D the picture and the song are suitable.. I like the back sound because it's Yuki Kajiura's.. Let's watch it :D
i just wanna share it.. And you can watch this on youtube because i download this on youtube also, hehehe, ja matta ne! XD

Saturday, 4 August 2012

Sword Art Online

Minna-saan, gomen for late posting, i'm really bored actually T^T -slapped-

Now, i wanna posting about SAO or Sword Art Online.. This anime's very fantastic, huaa.. You know? Actually i'm a gamer and i have an account in one of game online.. And you know again? My game program is disappear and i must download it again.. But, when i download it, it couldn't open.. I'm very frustrate huaa, and i didn't try again T^T And you know? When i saw SAO, i felt like i'm in game online.. My frustrated is disappear step by step..

Okay, i'll tell you some information about SAO.. SA
O is actually a light novel by Reki Kawahara.. Reki Kawahara also made a light novel which now become a famous anime, that's Accel World.. The ilustration is Abec, and i think he make the character from light novel become alive with his draw.. I like Abec-senpai draw >< Oh yeah, it adapted into manga, anime and video game.. Because of i lived in indonesia, i watch SAO in anime online wahaha, i usually watch it in Anime Tail, because i didn't want to download them.. And i also read the light novel in internet.. It have been 10 books and i already read them until 3 books.. It storied about VRMMORPG (virtual reality massive multy-player role-playing game) in 2022.. The protagonist name's Kirigaya Kazuto but in SAO his usually called Kirito.. Oh yeah, SAO is the first VRMMORPG in 2022, so many people wanna try it especially gamer.. SAO is use Helmet that stimulates the user's five senses via their brain, that's Nerve Gear.. SAO is only sold 10.000 copies but only 1.000 person who can try SAO before release.. They're Beta Tester.. Beta Tester is usually already know about monster or everything in SAO..

When SAO release, many people buy it especially
Gamer and sold 10.000 copies.. Kirito was trying that Game when he met a person named Clein.. Clein is a new peson in SAO, and Clein ask Kirito to teach him.. Kirito accepted that.. Finally, Clein was able to against a monster like a pig that as weak as slime in other game.. When Clein wanna off because he wanna eat a pizza that he order, he can't! After they realized there's something wrong, they suddenly moved to 'Starting City'.. They looked around, there're many player in there with confused face.. After that, something appear in the sky.. He admit that he's Kayaba Akihiko the Director and Creator of Nerve Gear and Sword Art Online.. He said that they couldn't log out from SAO and they must went to 100th floor if they want to log out and in each floor have a boss, they must fight it.. But, if they died in SAO, they also died in real.. They family also can't remove the Nerve Gear, because it can burn the player brain with the effect.. Yeah, the only one way's to reach 100 floor.. Kayaba also changed the player face with something like mirror so they can felt like in real world.. Everyone shocked.. Some people just stayed in Starting City and waited for help from real world and some people tried to reach 100 floor.. Kirito is in the second choice.. He tried to reach 100 floor, but because of some accident, Kirito become "Solo Player" and called "The Beater" that means Beta Tester and Cheater.. Kirito always alone, when he tried to join in a guild, he made the member died, i know that wasn't his fault, but he always blame himself.. After that, he never join in a group or guild except if someone need him..

He met a girl named Asuna.. He ever met Asuna befo
re and become her group, but he rejected her from their group.. I don't know for sure the reason, yaa, maybe Kirito didn't want to troubled her.. But, in the end, They are falling in love each other and get married.. They love story is interesting you know, although the anime is ongoing, but i already read the light novel until 3 books..

1. Sword Art Online volume 1- Aincrad
2. Sword Art Online volume 2- Aincrad
3. Sword Art Online volume 3- Fairy Dance

Sword Art Online the anime's Aincrad.. Yaa, in the
novel, there's Fan Service, but i don't know in the anime.. I hope there isn't any (_ _|||)

Oh yeah! Soundtrack of this anime is..

1. Crossing Field - LiSA (Opening) this's soo sugoi, i like LiSA very much ><
2. Yume No Sekai - Haruka Tomatsu (Ending) I like this song so much >o<

SAO also composed by Yuki Kajiura, ahh, i like Yuki Kajiura very much >w
o sugoi, hehe,

Oh yeah, i'll upload some photo of SAO although i also download this from internet , hehe, see ya
minna-san :D