Wednesday, 18 July 2012

My New Class

Hi minna-saan, i'm 9 grade now u,u Yeah, it makes me busy and have many lesson from monday until friday.. But i enjoy it actually :3 Oh yeah, i never told you where i studied, right? Yeah, i studied at junior high school 2 Bogor.. Bogor is a city near Jakarta, the capital city of Indonesia.. And 9 grade means i must study hard for enter senior high school that i want.. Yeah, i want to enter to Senior High School 1 Bogor, that's the best school in Bogor i think.. After that, if i can't enter that school, i want to enter to Senior High School 5 Bogor or SMAKBo, SMAKBo is where Lathifa-senpai(?) studied.. I think both of them is good school, actually many people wanna enter that school xD Oh yeah, my classroom is 9C.. My vice teacher is Mam Nita.. She's English teacher and she told to us to always use English to talking to her.. OMG! U,U My friend in other class said Mam Nita is funny teacher, okay, she is fun enough xD My first day in 9C is fun.. My chair mate is my friend in 8 grade.. But we use 7C because 9C class is use to student orientation.. Hahaha, the next day i met Hinode, remember Hinode right? Yeah, i used public transportation to go to school.. But every public transportation is almost full, and~ i saw a creature that i ever know before, yeah, it's him and he's in public transportation that i chose.. But i felt something wrong.. There's his friend that studied in the same school and i also knew he's his friend in junior high school but why his friend move to other chair when i enter? Okay, i know Hinode didn't like he move because his said, "Eh, don't move." But he still move.. And i sat beside him >3< ahh, i remember the time when i also do this, -slapped- Okay, i didn't say anything, he looked embarrassed too.. He didn't say anything.. But when i go down, i said to him, "I go first yeah.." In indonesian, "Aku duluan ya.." But he didn't say anything and i repeat my word while i poke his arm.. He saw me and i go down.. After that i didn't saw him again.. Yeah, that too short but that's alright.. Oh yeah, now, i have holiday until monday because friday is fasting, hahaha, and~ how about you? Did you enjoy your holiday? Okay, see yaa~ XD


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