Tuesday, 3 July 2012

Tsundere No Uta

Hi Minna-saan! i wanna make a poetry now, The title is Tsundere No Uta.. In english that means "Tsundere's Songs" Who's Tsundere? Tsundere is The girl that bad to people but in the fact, she's soo nice :) Okay, here we go~

Tsundere No Uta

My day's always the same..
When i opened my eyes, there's no one who says,"Good Morning" to me..
No one realized my loneliness..
No one understand my feeling..
They always says that i'm grumpy, bad, childish and so on..
Did you know? I did that to make you happy, to make everyone happy..
You know, i didn't know how to make a joke, it's difficult to me to think that life is a joke..
So, I do like a child and and make you laughing.. It's funny, right?
I know they thought i'm cute because i do like a child but some people think that i'm sucks and leave me alone..
You know, i always cheerful, but it makes me can't tell my problem to everyone because they think that i'm happy!! You know it's soo annoying me.. So, i.. i.. tell them about my life, and they feel bored, but, but, i can't tell about my real life, i don't know why..
You know, i always tell to people about my boyfriend or someone who i like in bad side.. Yeah, i don't know what must i do if they know that, but, i don't know, my mouth can't stop tell it.. maybe i soo embarrassed, because you know, i love them so damn much..
You know, I just wanna everyone realized my existence, so I DO THAT!
I always regretted my life, yeah, everyone so sucks! They don't know my feeling.. just me..
Everyone always leave me someday, with NO SENSE REASON! They leave me because i'm CHILDISH! I hope someday i can meet with someone who can understand me, understand my feeling, understand my weakness.. Oneday i will proof to someone who can understand me that i can make them happy with my own way!! And you will regretted your way to leave me! Let's see it!

Finish! yeah, it seems like tell Tsundere's feeling than poetry T3T yeah, i know, i'm fail.. But i already write it, so i change the title to be "Tsundere's Feeling"

Okay~ see ya minna-saan~ XD


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