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It's about J-pop and J-rock that i like.. XD

Lisa Komine

wahaha, i very like her.. :3
I was listening to her music when i watched anime named Gosick..
Lisa's songs is for Ending Gosick 1 and 2.. They're such as classical music.. I love classical music.. They have a difficult instrument.. And the music is so soft.. It make the music looks so beautiful :3
I've some songs of Lisa Komine..
~Resuscitated Hope - Lisa Komine (Ending 1 of Gosick)
~Unity - Lisa Komine (Ending 2 of Gosick)
~Tears - Lisa Komine (Ending 2 of Gundam Seed Destiny)
~Time is On My Side - Lisa Komine (Ending 4 of Gundam Evolve)
~Proud - Lisa Komine (Opening of Linebarrels of Iron)
~Faith - Lisa Komine (Opening 2 of Rental Magica)
~Kokoro No Mama Ni - Lisa Komine (OST Linebarrels of Iron)
~Will - Lisa Komine (OST Melody of Oblivion)
~Missing You - Lisa Komine (Ending of Psychic Detective Yakumo)
~Suteki na Kajitsu - Lisa Komine (Ending of Ristorante Paradiso)
~A Place In The Sun - Lisa Komine (Album of Suteki na Kajitsu)
~Still Be Lovin' You - Lisa Komine (Album of Nijiiro no Kotonoha)
~Requiem - Lisa Komine (OST Trinity Blood)
~Moshimo Anata ga - Lisa Komine (Album of Suteki na Kajitsu)
~Kamisama no Itazura - Lisa Komine (Album of Nijiiro no Kotonoha)
~I'm so Lonesome - Lisa Komine (Album of Nijiiro no Kotonoha)
I Could Laugh !
That's the songs that i found.. Because Lisa's song is very difficult to search T^T
I dunno why, Lisa's song is very beautiful, why it's not famous enough *sigh*
Lisa~ I'm your fans, i hope you'll make a better song soon >w<


The first time i listened to their song is when i watched Ao No Exorcist :3
I listened the opening 1 of it, and i thought it was weird, but in the end, it looks powerful when you listened to it clearfully.. I thought UVERworld isn't band rock but i failed, it's a band rock O.O Yeah, i ever watched their live concert on Youtube, It was fantastic! :3 The vocalist and the audience was spirit! And the vocalist, Takuya, was not using Lipsing, he sing it in the same time.. And i thought, with the action that very powerful it difficult to sing in the same time..
I very like this song :3
~Core Pride (Opening 1 Ao No exorcist)
~D-tecnolife (Opening 2 Bleach)
~Gekidou (Opening 4 D.Gray-man)
~Colours of the Hearts (Opening 3 Blood+)
~The Truth
And so many of them.. I can't tell you all the song XD

Nami Tamaki

I ever saw her song when i was searching lisa's song.. And i thought, "It's the singer that my friend love" and i listened and~ it's very interesting XD
The first song is Reason :3 I felt like familiar with that music, and yeah, it's OST Gundam Seed Destiny :D And i searched to Nami's song.. She performed her song with dance! And she did it by herself.. The other dancer just to accompanist her :D This's the song of nami that i like so much :3
Monkey Majik

My sister told me about monkey majik and i interested with it :3 My sister says that Monkey majik is band from europe, but it can talk with japanese so nice :3 I very like their song"Aishiteru" and then "Sunshine", "Tadaarigatou", and "Together" :D


Yeah, i was listening their song when i watched Death Note.. I very like with "The World" And now i like "Alumina" But i'm not freak with it :3

The GazettE

I was starting like their music when i saw about it in Facebook and also listened their music "SHIVER" in Anime Kuroshitsuji :3 And now i very like "Vortex" and "Remeber The Urge" i'm not freak with it :3


First i thought that their song is weird but now i think it has a different song with some classic melody :D I like "Futatsu No Kodou To Akai Tsumi", "Rinne ~Rondo~", and "Eien No Setsuna."

Fiction Junction

I know them from anime Pandora Hearts and i like the opening of Pandora Hearts :D They sang it together and it looks so beautiful with some classic melody too :3 And i think it looks so beautiful because the composer is Yuki Kajiura XD I like "Parallel hearts", "Stone Cold", and a song from one of their vocalist, Keiko, that's "Kaze no Machi he"..

Yuki Kajiura

The first time i know her was from Anime Pandora Hearts too.. She's a composer :D She has a collaboration with Fiction Junction, Kalafina, and Kalafina is her band XD I'm not into music, so i don't know many about composer.. But, i like her voice actually :D I like "Lacie", "Will", "Turn," From Pandora Hearts and "Ship of Fools" and "Vanity" from Tsubasa Reservoir Chronicle :D I feel like ever listened Vanity but i'm not sure it's from Tsubasa Reservoir Chronicle (_ _|||)


I know their music from Anime Durarara!! I'm falling in love at first sight! >< Huaa.. It looks like rainy song and so dark! :3 and i also like In My World from Anime Ao No Exorcist and Song for.. from Anime Bleach! :3

Yui Makino

I know her as dubber from Anime Tsubasa Reservoir Chronicle.. She's dubbing as Sakura.. And she also make some song too! :D Her voice is so cute! >w< I very like her song with Miyu Irino, "Yume No Tsubasa" Huaa.. It's my Nostalgia.. XD i like, hmm, OP Tsubasa Tokyo Revelation, Synchronicity too.. My Special Friend told me XD then, "You are my love," and many more :3

Maaya Sakamoto

I'm not her fan but i like her voice.. Actually, i'm too lazy too search for her song =w= Yeah, it's me XD I know her song from anime Tsubasa Reservoir Chronicle, "Kazemachi Jet" and "Loop."


I'm not their fan too but i like their voice X3 I just know "Heavy Rotation" because JKT48 songs their song.. (I think they aren't AKB48's sister at all.. Because the song is the same ._.) and i like "I Love You," too from Anime Sket Dance XD


Yeah, i know they aren't human (_ _|||) But the voices are from human, right? I like the means and the Video of them!!! >O< *scream* -plak-

Finally, yeah, i just like some song of a band and i know the band also from Anime that i like at that time :D But i like all~ of Japanese Music especially Classical music! X3 And now, i very like UVERworld!! :D
And why i wrote about J-pop and J-rock though i don't love them so much? Because i'm too lazy to wrote about anime that i like.. It's too long, i think XD
Sorry if my english is so bad and thanks for read it :D


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