Friday, 21 December 2012

Holiday XD

Hi minna-san~  long time no see :3
Gomen ne, i'm very busy with my new activity, playing game --" So i rarely posting blog T^T

Today's my first holiday and my report day, i spend my time to play game and sleeping XD
i've got rank 3 in my class thanks god :)
Maybe i'll spend my holiday at home altough on 5-6 january.. There's a j-fest in my city so i must come XD
I wanna come with my boyfriend but i don't know until this day what will happen with us.. I've ruined his heart.. He change his personality because of me but i ask something "weird" to him.. For you, hontou ni gomenasai, thanks because you choose to still with me..

I also invite my other friend, hoho Kak Lathifa a.k.a Eru Ueda, and friend in my school..
Oh yea, about anime.. I've got many anime because my boyfriend always update anime and i always ask him, hehe.. XD he has an anime named Chuunibyou, i'll ask him after holiday, haha because he likes this anime.. His and mine profile picture facebook is Chuunibyou although i never watch it XD

A few days ago, i watch anime named, Btooom.. Okay, i watch that anime because the opening is a song by Nano, my sister like her ._____. But, i shocked when i found some ecchi, hentai, fanservice, eroge on it anime.. I hate them so damn much!!! OMG that's disgusting.. I discard that anime after episode 3.. After that i watched Mirai Nikki.. In that anime also ecchi, OMG what a bad day i have.. But not as bad as Btooom.. Okay, maybe i'll watch that anime after this.. This morning, i broke my left knee, why this always happen to me after i broke my right knee, my bone is shift.. ._.

For you, have a nice holiday, wish you have the best holiday :3 Happy new year!! :D