About Me


You can call me Himawari..
I'm just an ordinary girl and i want to have many friend :D
I'm Indonesian actually..

I like tell story about my experience or something good with someone.. And i want to share my experience on this blog..

I like Japanese and i hope one day indonesia can be like Japan..
Many people told me that i didn't like indonesia because i like Japan.. Actually, i like indonesia, but i don't like the government of my country..

I like Sunflowers, Sunset, Sunrise, Sunshine, Himawari, Hinode, Yuyake, Taiyo, Hikari, Teru, Hinata, And all name about sun.. I don't know.. Maybe after i read comic, "I Am Here" i felt like sun is beautiful and has many meaning.. but sun isn't my God actually..

I  prefer like to have many friend in Cyber world, because i have many bad experience about "have a friend" in real world.. And also i think if i betrayed in Cyber world, i wouldn't hurt more than in real world..

Now, i was searching for my real identity.. I want to be better and better..

Yoroshiku Onegashimasu XD