Tuesday, 3 July 2012

Angel Beats!

Huaa~ i finished watch this anime! This anime's so sad.. I cry 3 times T^T huhuhu..

So, i'll tell you the story of angel beats! I watched this anime this month because i think it's anime ecchi T3T *this always happen to me* yeah, and~ it's so amazing anime! >o<

Okay, it's my own view about Angel Beats after watch it and i didn't copy it from other blog or wikipedia, :3

Angel Beats tells about the world afterlife where everyone still feel pain as they did when they were alive.. it takes place in a high school.. The protagonist main character name is Yuzuru Otonashi.. Yuzuru's lost his memory.. Yuzuru met a girl named Yuri who invites him to join the Afterlife Battlefront or Shinda Sekai Sensen (SSS) to against the god.. They still didn't accept their death, so they against god.. their enemy's angel or tenshi.. Yuri assume that Tenshi can make their disappear and reincarnated.. But Yuzuru feel that Kanade Tachibana (the angel) isn't bad at all and Kanade seems lonely.. So, Sometimes Yuzuru invites her to eat together, fishing together, so on.. In Afterlife world, There's 3 reason that can make their disappear.. Because they follow angel, they act like student in that school and their hope become true.. One day, Yuri ask member of SSS, Naoi to hypnotize Yuzuru so he can remeber his memories when he's alive.. After that, he knows that he want to be a doctor after his sister's death.. He wanna help each other.. But he has a train accident and death.. Before death, he planned to donor his body.. After that, he deaths after rescuer found them.. In the end, he accepted his death but he still want to help his friend in SSS.. Kanade tells him her purpose to everyone in afterlife world.. She wanna everyone accepted their death and disappear because maybe, that's useless to against the god, they can't come back to their life.. So they make a plan to make everyone hope become true and disappear.. But they plan stopped because of something that can make everyone changed to be NPC.. NPC is like a robot that do the same thing everyday but can't disappear from that place.. actually, like a human without a soul.. finally, Yuzuru requested everyone to accepted their death and disappear from afterlife world and started new life.. Initially, They can't accepted his request but Yuzuru convince them.. After SSS defeat the mastermind of that accident, there's only 5 people remain.. That's Yuzuru, Kanade, Yuri, Hinata and Naoi.. They make a graduation by request from Kanade.. After they graduation, there're only Yuzuru and Kanade were left.. Yuzuru told Kanade his feeling.. Yuzuru also ask Kanade to still here but Kanade refuse his request.. Because the reason her lie in afterlife world is to say "thank you" to someone who give her donor.. And Kanade realized that's Yuzuru.. Kanade disappear after request him to says something before her disappear.. And he says, "I Love You".. Kanade says, "Thank you so much for loving me.." and disappear.. After that, they meet again in the world after they reincarnation..

Finished~ ahh~ Sorry minna-san, i'm not the best story telling, but i wanna make you love this anime too.. Sorry if i have some mistake.. My english is soo bad.. Ja matta ne, minna-saan >o


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