Wednesday, 28 March 2012

My Trip To Jakarta X3

Hi Minna-san~ Long time no see ^w^

On 20 March 2012, I had a Trip To Jakarta~ It wasn't special enough, but i went to the place that i never go before~ The first one was Taman Aquarium Air Tawar and Museum Serangga In TMII, and Dufan also XD Okay, It's so usual, but i never go to that place before T^T *so poor*

My Bus leaved my school at about 7 am, and the first place was Taman Aquarium Air Tawar, My Dad said, it's the biggest fresh water aquarium in Indonesia, wahaha, but i thought it isn't interested enough, but i wrong, It's beautiful.. Same as another Museum :3

This's my photo with my best friend(?) and Tita :D

This's my photo with my friend, Astari, Dhea, me, and Syifei X3

My Bus Arrived Taman Aquarium at about 9 am, and i went into the museum.. The first place i looking for is Arapaima Pond! Why? Because my best friend ever sent me a picture of Arapaima in that place :3 Look at this Picture XD

This’s the picture that took with my best friend

This’s the picture that took with me

Yeah, it wasn’t the same, but in the same pond :3 And it’s not important i think - -“

This’s me in the cave(?) XD

After that, i did my exercise from TMII, it’s about the Taman Aquarium Air Tawar =w= Then, I took many picture unique fish :3 The second was went to Museum Insect/Seranggga! :D Ah, it wasn’t interested, because i don’t like insect, It has the same shape and not cute =w= It has Butterfly Garden, It’s beautiful :3

The Third Place was Dufan! :D I never go to that place T^T First i played Bianglala.. It was quite ._. I could see all the place in Dufan from that place! I played it Twice :D But sometimes i would get angry if it rotate too much, because i’ll get bored T3T After that, i went to cruel house, it liked a labyrint! And i could cross it because there’re 2 boy that ever went to that place and they helped me! Then, i played doll palace, my sister told that it was beautiful :D but it was usual :3 and then i prayed, hahaha, and~ had a lunch! :3 After that i looked around dufan, But i didn’t play anymore.. And i went to Oblique House! It’s Oblique but if we cross it with look down, it’s not oblique enough :3 And i played Komidi Putar! Wahaha, i know it’s the game for child, but, i never play it before XD And i played Alap-alap, like Mini Rolercoster :3 It made me afraid, i never played something like that before T^T My Bestfriend(?) was angry with me, because she really really afraid XD And then i played Komidi Putar again, XD i saw my Advice teacher went out from Dufan at about 5 pm, I and My bestfriend went to bus, huhu T^T I thought we were late and my friend would be angry to us, but, the bus closed and no one in =w=” Haha, we were the first one in the bus that went out from Dufan T3T Yeah, and then i looked around the view in there, that was so long time i wait for my friend =3= we were so happy in Dufan ._.

And then, i went home at about 5.30 pm.. As usual, Jakarta Jammed, and i arrived at about 8 pm.. Wahaha, that was my experience to Jakarta.. How about you?

See ya Next Time! Au Revoir :D

This’s some picture in Dufan :3

Me, Regina, Miracle, Dhea, Intan, Refky, Puput, Insan, Astari Rifky, DW, Ridho, Rahardi, Ryan XD

Me and My best friend(?)

This’s A Country Doll In Doll Palace.. This’s From Japan XD i can't take it in front of the doll, i don't have a camera and i'm too late T^T


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