Monday, 17 March 2014

Chuunibyou demo koi ga shitai Ren Episode 10 T^T

Hello minna-saaan, i want to tell you about Chuunibyou Ren episode 10.. I watched that last Sunday.. First, i watched Chuunibyou Ren Episode 8 and then i downloaded Chuunibyou Ren episode 9-10.. And when i watched Chuunibyou Ren episode 9, my tears fell down.. Yeah, it's the first time i cry not because someone died, disappear, or something like that.. I will tell you the story a little bit.. There's a girl named Satone Shichimiya, she got Chuunibyou, like syndrome 8 grade.. Someone named Yuuta saw her and he thought she is cool, so Yuuta usually talks to her and got Chuunibyou also... After spend their time together as "Dark Flame Master" and "Sophia Ring SP Saturn VII" Shichimiya fell in love with Yuuta, but she realized if she fell in love with Yuuta, She can't become herself anymore.. She will become normal person.. She chose to be herself , have got chuunibyou like that.. One day, Yuuta transferred to another school.. They never meet again after that.. And then, when they're in 11 grade in senior high school.. Shichimiya transferred to his city but not the same school.. But she was in the same apartment.. They sometimes meet in some event or situation, and in Chuunibyou Ren episode 9, They were help Kumin-senpai's aunt to run her cafe side the beach.. In there, Rikka, Yuuta's girlfriend said to Shichimiya that her "Tyrant's eye" personality become weak.. The same with Shichimiya situation in the past.. But, finally, Rikka choose to be "Tyrant's eye" and also love Yuuta.. Shichimiya felt so down to hear that, because of course, she regretted her choice in the past.. But Shichimiya laughed and said that she would support them.. In train when they wanted to come back home, Yuuta sat beside Shichimiya and unsuspected, Yuuta sleep on her shoulder.. And Shichimiya flashback her memories with him.. And then, her feeling came back..

In this situation, i cried because, Have you ever experienced something like that? Yes, like you always laugh but inside you're very hurt.. And the feeling when you regret your choice?

In Chuunibyou Episode 10, Shichimiya wanted to make her feeling disappear.. She tried every method, but always fail.. And at the last, when there's a festival at night.. Shichimiya didn't want to come, but finally she came because she knew that if she ran away it won't done anything.. So she chose to met Yuuta in the festival.. She follow him.. And suddenly, it was rain.. so they searched a shade.. Shichimiya start to asked about how far his relationship with Rikka, because if she hear that, maybe her feeling would disappear.. After suffering, suddenly, Rikka message him because Rikka didn't bring an umbrella.. In middle school, when rain came.. Yuuta used his jacket as un umbrella and go through the rain with Shichimiya.. But, Shichimiya shocked when Yuuta, used his jacket and came to Rikka.. Of course, everything had changed since that.. I think she thought like that.. Shichimiya wanted to cried but she hold out her tears and then jump, she said, "finally, it was a strong enemy but now, i can defeat it!" But suddenly, Yuuta came... Yes, i knew her feeling.. when suddenly she could manage her feeling, Yuuta came and lend her an umbrella.. She couldn't hold her hurt anymore and then she ran left Yuuta behind..

After i saw that, i felt, "Galau" until now.. And haha, Are you still remember Laki? Yes, my bestfriend.. I ever told you that i loved him? I told you that he didn't love me anymore right? But i was wrong.. He still love me..  He lied to me because he wanted to his feeling disappear.. But last Monday when asked him, "Do you have moved on from me?" "Yes, i have" And i asked some question to make sure that he already moved on.. But, yes, He already moved one and he liked another girl now.. When i heard that, i wanted to cry but.. Suddenly i remenmbered Shichimiya, and i said to myself.. "You can't make him suffer again because he likes someone that already has a boyfriend although she also likes him" Yes, haha sometimes i hurt when i see him with another girl.. But, what can i do? He is free to do what he likes.. Maybe, i must make a distant between us.. :3

I will share some photo in Chuunibyou Episode 9-10 that i take from google xD

 Jaa nee~ minna-saaan~