Friday, 26 October 2012

For Führer~

Yeah, i ever give you this message but i wanna tell you this again..

For my beloved boyfriend~
You know? Until now, i don't believe i can meet you..
Someone who can bring me to real world..
More than 5 years i always hide from real world in cyber world..
Because i don't believe everyone..
They always insult me, they always make me hurt, they always make me trauma, they always make me sick..
So i always show my real side in cyber world.. I think if i hurt in cyber world it's better than in real world..
You know? I was very cheerful girl, i was very optimistic girl, but because of HER, i always preconceive someone, i become gloomy girl and have many trauma, because of HER.. I don't hate her, but i confuse, why  i must meet her? It makes me afraid with girl..
In 7 grade, i met a bunch of kid, haha i say kid because they always make a joke.. The joke isn't like a joke, they like insult me.. It's make me hurt but if i go away from them, they will notice i didn't like them.. So i always hurt everyday.. It make me afraid to have many friend in the class..
You know? I didn't like boy in real world! They aren't interesting i think.. I don't know just nothing makes me interesting.. But when i see you even in our first meeting, i feel like you're different.. Yeah, you're full of "scar".. "I wanna cure his sadness" I said to myself.. I curious with him.. I wanna know everything about him.. I try to get closer and closer.. I always request anime from him.. And request him to tell me how to download internet download manager.. He always call me "katro" but i don't care although i sometimes get hurt..
Yeah, sometimes you will make a joke, take my item and then hide it.. Actually, i hate that.. I don't like joke..  But yeah you know.. It's you.. You're evil, lazy, always do something that you like, you're in indonesian is too "polos", always leave me to play a game or play with your friend but if you're not doing something like that.. It's not you.. Yeah, i love everything in you.. I Love You As You Are..
So if i said i want you to be like this, don't mind that.. It's maybe because i'm angry with you..
I always angry with you everyday.. But i know, when i'm angry, you'll cheer me up, right? You like when someone suffer.. So, maybe you also like when i'm suffer.. And plus you like my face when i get angry, right?  So it's maybe the reason..
Hmm, talking about your personality, you have got many good personality also.. Like good listener, always help my problem, always accompany me although i must order you to do it, yeah so many.. I notice, you aren't doing such a thing to your friend.. so, am i special? Haha, maybe it's just my opinion, but if it's right, Arigatou~

Oh yeah.. Thank you for all.. You make me forgot all about 'him'.. You make me don't afraid again with boy.. You bring me to real world.. It's like you show me, "It's real world, so you must also live in real world" haha.. You make me interested with boy in real world, wkwk.. Yeah, i thank god so i can meet you.. You can't close to another girl like my baka oniichan because my class is beside you, so if you close to another girl, i'll kill you :P wkwk

I'll try to cure you, i'll try to change your laziness, i'll try to always help your problem.. And promise to me, we'll go to the same school after this.. P-R-O-M-I-S-E  =3= Okay?

 Last world:

Happy a month anniversary ya~ :3

Be patient with my childish and grumpy side, hehe.. long last with me ya~(?) wkwk XD i want to see the seriousness of you~Because you never serious, except when you told me that you love me hehehe :3 -plak-  Oh yeah, if you leave me, you know the consequence, right? -=- I ever told you a boy named baka oniichan ever leave me and make me half crazy so if you're leave me maybe i will full crazy, wkwk XD

See ya~

nb: ni gua postingnya hari ini loh tapi tanggalnya sesat --" kyknya ngikutin GMT


Eru Ueda said...

Her? is that me? gomenne~ >/\<

When you truly care for someone, their mistakes never change your feelings because it's the mind that gets angry but the heart still cares.

You can't build a relationship on promises, you build it with love, determination, and TRUST :D

"A true relationship is having someone who accepts your past, supports your present, loves you and encourages your future."

by the way.. happy a month anniversary ya :D LONG LAST~

and for your information.. i get that words from twttr :p

Arisu Rin Kagamine said...

eh yang cewe itu bukan kak lathifa kok, itu temen sd --"

hehe iya kak makasih kata2 dan doanya XD

jiaah kata2nya keren XD

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